Labovocate (lab-VO-ket) (n): an impassioned laboratory professional advocating for laws and regulations that improve the healthcare system in the United States, and who inspires an army of their colleagues, family and friends to join in the effort.

Solutions to the clinical laboratory’s biggest challenges are working their way through Congress, but they won’t become law without a major push from medical laboratory professionals, harder than we’ve ever pushed before.

The Labvocacy Choice

Those in healthcare typically marvel at the ability of organized nursing to use their clout. With 3 million nurses, and just 300,000 laboratory professionals, we’ll need to work 10x harder to get the same results.

As a community, can we walk AND chew gum at the same time? For the sake of patients and this profession, we need the entire community to be engaged.

Disengagement is a choice, and that choice has consequences. We need you to inspire others to choose to engage in this process.